Planetary Gearboxes

VRL High Precision Planetary Gearboxes

A planetary gearbox, also introduced as an epicyclic gearbox, is one of the most interesting forms of device present within motion control. They are typically employed in automotive as an essential component of automatic transmission applications. Planetary Gearboxes are a form of the gearbox where the output and input both have the same center of turning. This means that the center of the input gear rotates around the center of the output section, and the output and input shafts are aligned.
The design of the planetary gearbox is relatively simple, including a central sun gear, an outer ring (also known as an internal gear since its tooth face inward), a carrier, and the planetary gears. Input power to the sun gear results in spinning. The mesh of planetary gears with the sun gear has a standard, and as the sun gear rotates based on this, so the planetary gears turn according to their axes.

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VRL series high precision planetary gearboxes are inline planetary gearboxes with good accuracy and high reliability. If a high-precision operation is required, our VRL is good for you. Thread-in mounting method, together with the high level of precision and torque capacity, make VRL planetary gearboxes the best among similar products. Supplied with a coaxial shaft design, VRL planetary gearbox features a 2~5 arcmin low balcklash class, which can meet your various accuracy needs.

High-quality machined planetary helical gears contribute to VRL planetary gearboxes running more quietly and effectively. These VRL planetary gearboxes are widely used in injection molding machines, linear slides, pick and place automation, gantries, cutting and welding machines, etc. They are the perfect solutions for servo motor applications. Complete dimensions of the VRL series make it can directly replace the similar model of other brands on the market.

Planetary gearboxes are manufactured under the industry standard. They are easy to handle and available at a very competitive price.

Features of VRL Planetary Gearbox

● High rigidity & torque
Rigid roller bearings are used to achieve high rigidity and high torque.

● High precision
Backlash smaller than 3arcmin, good choice for precision motion control

● Quiet operation
The use of helical gears to reduce vibration and noise.

● Adapter-bushing connection
The flexible connection method can be mounted to any brand of motor.

● No grease leakage
Use high viscosity anti separation oil to ensure no grease leakage.

● Maintenance-free
It can be mounted in any position and doesn’t have to replace the grease during its service life.

How to Select the Right Planetary Gearbox?

Step 1

What’s your motor brand and model? Or you can offer us the motor mounting dimension drawing like the following drawing with key sizes LR, LE, S, LB, LZ, and LA.

Step 2

What’s the ratio you need? Or pls tell us the nominated speed of your motor and the output speed of the gearbox that you want.
*The speed ratio i=Motor Speed /output speed of the gearbox

Step 3

What’s the output torque you need? Or pls tell us the power and the nominated speed of the motor.
*The output torque (N.M)=9550x motor power(kW)/ motor speed (rpm)
*1 HP=0.75kw

Step 4

What’s your other requirement about the gearbox? Such as flange, hole output, precision or backlash, noise value, gearbox shape, inline or angle, etc. The more details requirement you offer us, the quicker we can select the suitable speed reducer gearbox for you.

Step 5

Download the catalog from our website, check technical data, and get a suitable model.